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Market Profiles... a full-service custom market research company that surveys members of our online panel (or your social network) using conversation-style questions...

Next Generation Market Research

Just in case you haven't noticed, market research is changing. Long surveys loaded with closed-ended questions and rating scales are out. Short conversational-style surveys are in. Market Profiles designs and conducts surveys using next-generation market research techniques. Respondents participate seamlessly by reacting to your questions in their social network. Segmentation variables are gathered through existing sources such as Facebook (if respondent shares) and CRM systems.

We can provide a representative sample or survey your customers, prospects or employees. In addition to regular sampling, we can invite your Facebook fans or Twitter followers and automatically record their demographics.

Please join our community and/or our Facebook page if you want to influence the direction of companies and products.

Interested in something new? Try our new market research community, where you can leave comments at any time. Help us develop the community to your specifications.

Let us know If you are trying to make a business decision, please review some example pricing and get a quote.


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